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Car Park Etiquette


This document has been devised in response to the safety of our children in Emo N.S. specifically in the car park area outside the school gates. Self-responsibility is the rule of the day. As an adult, it is entirely your responsibility to adhere to the rules of the road when using the car-park facilities. Please take serious note of the requests highlighted as this will be the expected behaviour of all users of the car park without exception. The Garda traffic unit have agreed to put the car park on their community patrol, and will enforce the law if deemed necessary to any offenders.

1. As you turn into the school car-park from the main road, be mindful that the pedestrian crossing for the children is almost immediately in front of you. DRIVE SLOWLY AND KEEP THE TRAFFIC FLOWING.
NEVER pull up in this area to ‘drop’ children, no matter how late/early you are. This behaviour is noted as a serious hazard to the safety of all.

2. We request that parents leave the car park spaces alongside the community centre free as a drop off zone . Cars can pull over  alongside the Community Centre and drop older children off there. If you are walking in with your child you will need to park in one of the designated cark- park places in the remainder of the car park.
NEVER use a Disabled car-parking space nor move into a yellow box unless you have the legal right to do so.

3. Please follow the clearly marked road markings- ONE WAY TRAFFIC SYSTEM.
NEVER move against the flow of traffic and again under no circumstance pull up to collect or drop a child, even if only a quick stop.

4. There are three car park rows: Row one closest to the school. Row two in the middle of the car-park. Row three closest to the field. Please use common sense when parking. If you park in the middle row, you should simply drive into it, so as you drive forward and out on leaving. There should be no need to reverse out of this row. If you are at the school early enough, you may reverse into rows one and three. Please ensure that you do not interfere with the flow of traffic. Doing so, will make it safer on exiting.

5. Children should be made aware that the pedestrian crossing/footpaths are there for their safety. Please use them where possible. Any child in 1st class or under SHOULD be escorted from the car to the school gates and vice versa, by an adult. Children from 2nd on must be supervised according to their parents’ discretion. Again instilling self-responsibility as the overall rule.

If everyone agrees to self-responsibility, there will be no need for fear/complaints or further action, (calling the guards). Thankfully we are accident free, so let’s keep it that way.
1. ________________________________Road Safety, Laois County Council

2. ________________________________The Traffic Unit, An Garda Siochana

3. ________________________________Emo National School

4. ________________________________The Board of Management, Emo N.S.

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