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27th August 2019

Dear Parents,

We welcome pupils back to our school on Thursday morning, 29th August 2019 @8.50a.m. 

This week marks a new beginning for junior infants and we hope they enjoy their time with us. We would encourage parents of junior infants to accompany their children to their líne in the school yard until such time as they are happy that their child is comfortable in their new surrounds. For the first few days the junior infants will assemble on the front yard.

In this information sheet we refer to some important practical points which will help in the smooth running of the school and assist in the creation of the best possible learning environment for all our pupils.

A good start is very important in ensuring that your child has a productive and fulfilling year in school. Ensuring that your child has a proper diet, gets sufficient sleep and takes plenty of exercise can contribute greatly to his/her readiness and capacity to learn from the outset of the year.


We use this app for school communication. It’s important that parents update this app and ensure that you turn on notifications.


Only staff cars are permitted inside the school gates. Please inform child minders, grandparents or any person who is a car user and may have to pick up your child.

The Board of Management requests that parents /guardians drop off and pick up children from the designated school car park at the community centre. The Parents Association will operate a STOP AND DROP system as in previous years and we request that car users respect same.


School Uniform/P.E. Gear

Full school uniform must be worn at all times with the exception of the designated P.E. days.  On P.E. days the school tracksuit is worn along with NON MARKING runners.  Teachers will inform children when they have PE.

We would appeal to parents to mark your child’s name clearly on all parts of their school uniform, tracksuit, coats and books if you haven’t done so already. Jumpers, tracksuit tops and coats are the top priority as they go missing the most often. Please ensure that they have a permanent name tag on them from the start of the year.

School Calendar 2019/2020

The calendar for the upcoming school year is published on the home page of the school website.

The Return of Money:

When returning money for any school activity ie book rental /voluntary contribution, parents are requested to send in the money in an envelope clearly stating your child’s name, teacher’s name and the activity for which payment is being made. Please see booklist for monies due.

School Lunches /Healthy Eating

We have a healthy eating policy in our school .We recommend sandwiches, fruit and healthy snacks. You can view the policy in full on www.emons.ie. In keeping with our Green school policy all children need a lunch box/bag and a re-usable drinks bottle ie no drink cartons. Tinfoil and cling film are not permitted in lunch boxes. Paper /paper towels, re-usable lunch bags or a small container are suitable alternatives.

School Hours

Junior infants will finish school at 12.noon each day this week and until Friday 6th September. Thereafter they will finish school each day at 1.30p.m. Official opening time is 8.50a.m.

Classes finish at 1.30p.m for junior and senior infants and at 2.30pm for all other children. The gates of the school will be opened for admission of pupils at 8.35a.m. and the back yard will be supervised until the bell goes. The Board of Management wishes to advise you that it is unsafe to have your child present on the school grounds for long spells before and after official opening time.

Pupils’ Absences

A written note or e-mail (secretary@emons.ie) must be furnished in the event of your child being absent for any reason. Parents are reminded that under the provisions of the Education Welfare Act (2000), Principals of all schools are obliged by law to inform the authorities in the case of any pupil who misses 20 or more days during the school year, for any reason. In this school we inform parents when their child has missed 15 days. Missing time from school is a very significant factor in poor educational performance.  Pupils however should not be in school if they are unwell.

Parent-Teacher Communication:

If you wish to meet your child’s teacher or the Principal you are asked to make an appointment by contacting Bernadette, the school secretary. She is available to take your call between the hours of 9am and 1p.m.(0578646868).The phone is attended during these hours only. An appointment system ensures that classes are not left unsupervised. Formal Parent-teacher meetings will be held later in the year.


A pupil personal accident insurance form 2019/2020  is available from the school and will be distributed to all pupils on Friday 30th August . We will accept completed forms up to September 13th.

Contact Numbers: 

Please notify your child’s teacher/school secretary of any changes in contact numbers, addresses etc. so that our database can be kept up to date.

Looking forward to an enjoyable year for all.

Cyril Duggan